Coronavirus Update: We’re still open and here to help you, but spaces are limited. Please call ASAP to book your appointment.
Coronavirus Update: We’re still open and here to help you, but spaces are limited. Please call ASAP to book your appointment.

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Jeff Nelson, PT, AFS, CSCS

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Jeff grew up in Gainesville Florida and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Sports Sciences from the University of Florida, and then went on to get a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy from California State University Northridge (CSUN) in the Los Angeles area. He has spent the majority of his working career in the outpatient clinic specializing in sports medicine and orthopedics working with people of all ages including many elite professional athletes.

For the last 5 years he has worked mostly with active people in their 40‘s, 50‘s, 60‘s, 70‘s, 80‘s, and even a few in the 90‘s. He loves working with the older client who wants to maintain their mobility, strength, and independence. He also has an extensive background of working with the geriatric population developing balance and fall prevention programs.

He is a board certified physical therapist (PT), certified as a Fellow of Applied Functional Sciences (AFS), certified as a strength and condition specialist (CSCS), and is a highly trained manual therapy specialist.


Jeff S. Nelson is Fluid Motion Physiotherapy’s leading physical therapist who helps health concious adults in the San Diego area stay fit, mobile, and strong so that they can keep active and maintain independence without having to rely on pain medication, get useless injections, or undergo unnecessary surgeries.

He founded Fluid Motion Physiotherapy because after being involved in the outpatient and home health physical therapy worlds for 15+ yrs he felt that the current state of physical therapy wasn’t the right fit for him anymore. He noticed that the active aging population was being mismanaged by many physicians and over prescribed medication and surgeries. He kept running into people who were frustrated by the doctor telling them to “you just need to rest longer”, “it’s just your age”, “you just need to stop doing that activity”, or most commonly “here take this medication that will help with the pain for a month and come back to see me.” It was almost as if the active aging population was being let down by the current health care system… So through the years of practice he found that he really enjoys working with the active adult clientele, those that take their health seriously and are motivated to continue to enjoy life while aging gracefully.

In order to provide the level of care and attention that he felt was most beneficial for serving his clients and helping them reach their goals he decided to open up his own concierge style mobile physical therapy business. This is how Fluid Motion Physiotherapy and Wellness came about.